ECKLUND Drive Thru Gate

The best gate you will own! – pops open away from your vehicle and does not touch vehicle side then closes automatically behind you.

Mr. Ecklund invented this gate as an answer to the time consuming and potentially dangerous chore of opening, watching and closing gates. After three years of extensive use on a 300 com-/calf, feeder to finish operation, it went public. These gates are successfully used in a wide range of application such as small cow/calf operations, dairies, major feedlots, community pastures, gravel pits and oil leases.

Original price was: $457.00.Current price is: $349.99.




  • “Pops” open, closes quickly and does not touch vehicle side
  • Adjustable length – from 10ft to 16 1/2 ft
  • Easy to install – mounts to standard fence post (not included)
  • Some assembly required (including welding of arm – must be shipped in two pieces)
  • Installation/assembly DVD included

The Ecklund Drive Thru Gate features six key components as seen on the diagram below. This combination of features makes a gate that is simple, easy to use, effective and attractive – designed to give many seasons of dependable use.

  1. The patented pressure release mechanism allows the gate to “pop” open faster than you bump into it
  2. The electrically conductive rubber bumper sleeve has a cushioning effect while still maintaining a completely electrified gate
  3. The electrically conductive fiberglass extension can be adjusted to give the gate an overall length of 10 feet to 1 1/2 feet simply by adjusting the tip in or out with pliers. It is also very flexible and durable
  4. The ‘Forever Flex’ tip made of soft PVC plastic is molded to the fiberglass rod – with fingers that are designed to push themselves out of crevices and snags if they make contact
  5. The patented ‘Wind Gust Damper’ LOCKS the gate shut quickly once a vehicle is through and keeps the gate from swaying in strong wind
  6. The gate is insulated from the post with an insulator back and is easily installed using the two lag bolts and special insulator bushings supplied – also supplied are useful hints and tips on the gate and electric fencing from Ecklund’s over 30 years experience in electric fencing